Trips on the Coosa River are usually available daily (river conditions and/or vacation plans permitting) Standard trip times are 9am, 11am, and 1pm.  Note: Group and size restrictions may cause times to be added or subtracted. 

To ensure customer satisfaction, reservations are a MUST. Reservations are made by calling us at 334-514-0279.  Call volumes are extremely high from Mid May to Mid August especially when the weather guesser gives a great forecast. Call early and please be patient if put on hold.  Hanging up the phone and calling back only increases call volumes.  Veterans know to call early in the week and have learned to ignore the weather forecasts.

Be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled trip time to check in, get outfitted with your PFD and pay for your trip. To save time print and fill out the liability form in advance.  All paddlers using CRA provided PFD's must come to the office for sizing.   Our mandatory safety brief (we make it fun and audience participation is required) will begin promptly at your scheduled time.  Don't be late.  Basically be ready to depart once the safety brief bell is rung.  

Coosa River Rental Rates:
*All inclusive rates include the boat, backrest, paddle, PFD, transportation to the put in site and rental taxes

Sit-on-Top Kayak Rentals:
  - One-person sit-on-top  $34
  - Two-person sit-on-top  $65

Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) Rentals:
  - SUP $39

Canoe Rentals:
  - $69 per canoe

*Limit two people per canoe.


Tote 'n' Float Program:

We offer a program for you to rent our boats but you become responsible for the logistics of transportation to and from our facility.   The regional area has numerous lakes, creeks, and rivers to be explored. The beach is only 3 hours away. Try our Tote 'n' Float program. Simply Tote one of our boats and Float your favorite waters. Canoes are $69 a day, one person sit-on-top kayaks $34 a day, two person sit-on-top kayaks $65 a day, stand up paddle boards are $39 a day.  Scheduling is a MUST.  Call 334-514-0279.


Tote 'n' Float program is a 24 hour rental
A major credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discovery) is required - basically you purchase the boat when you leave and we refund you the difference between the purchase price minus the rental price upon return. 

You must provide ropes and straps for securing boat(s) to vehicle or trailer
You are responsible for loading and securing boat(s) and equipment to your vehicle or trailer.
You are responsible for any damages to boats, equipment, your vehicle and/or trailer.
Rental includes Paddles, Boat, Backrests, Personal Flotation Device, and Rental Taxes.

Tallapoosa River Trips:

We offer extended 3 or 4 day/2 or 3 night trips on our sister river, the Tallapoosa. This 51 mile trip consists of variable moving flat water via releases from Thurlow Dam in Tallassee Alabama. Your trip begins here at Coosa River Adventures where we provide you with maps and detailed information. Then we shuttle you and your gear to the last fall line on the Tallapoosa River for you to navigate from the rocky Appalachian formation to the sandy Coastal Plain. Historic Fort Toulouse, just before the confluence of the Tallapoosa and Coosa Rivers (which form the Alabama River), is where we pick up you and your gear. We provide the boat, paddles, backrests, lifejackets and the transportation to the put in and from the take out. You bring your own supplies (food, drinks, and camping gear). The numerous sand bars are great for camping. Bring your binoculars for birding and wildlife viewing or your poles for fishing. Click Here To Download/Open Tallapoosa River Tips

Cost is $150 per Canoe (two person) or $100 per kayak (one person). Discounts are available for 3 or more boat rentals.
Call for details and scheduling! Note - During our peak season Tallapoosa trips can start Monday - Friday only (No Saturday or Sunday put ins). Pickup at Fort Toulouse is available everyday. Again, call for details.

Personal Boat Shuttle Service:

Own your own 'Personal' Kayak or Canoe? Why endure the "logistical nightmare", extra time and expense of driving two vehicles and leaving one at the put in and the other at the take out? We offer both Coosa and Tallapoosa River Shuttle Services!  Scheduling is a must.  Call 334-514-0279.  

Coosa River Shuttles - Cost is $15 per boat.

Tallapoosa River Shuttles - Cost is $75 per boat (includes any and all applicable toll bridge fees, entry fees and/or exit fees)


We also sell:
  - ICE
  - Drinks
  - Snacks
  - Waterproof Dry boxes
  - T-shirts
  - Eye Glass Straps
  - Paddles
  - PFD's
  - Fishing Gear (at our historic sister company across the street, Stoddards Bait and Tackle 334-478-3899, Since 1943)
  - Bait and Tackle (at our historic sister company across the street, Stoddards Bait and Tackle 334-478-3899, Since 1943)
  - New and Used Boats (see our Boat Sales page)
  -- and much more!
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